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Visiting the BGNlab

The BGNlab is located in downtown Brantford in Grand River Hall on the ground floor at 171 Colborne Street.   We are open to the community for special events - the best way to learn about these is through our Facebook Group or Twitter feed. 


Where do I Park?

There are several places to park in downtown Brantford within walking distance of the BGNlab.

There is limited on-street parking available throughout the city's core. However, these parking spaces are only available for two hours at a time until 6pm most days and are often occupied.  In addition, they do not allow re-parking within 5 hours of the original parking window.  Evenings are easier for parking on downtown street.  Instead, BGNlab suggests that visitors use the municipal parking lots located within downtown Brantford.

The most convenient parking area is the Market Centre Parkade, located on 59 Icomm Drive. This is accessable from Icomm drive which is located down the hill from BGNlab. Parking rates are $1.00/hour with an $8.00 daily maximum. Saturdays and Sundays are free!  Note - while the parking garage is under construction, the entrance is around the west side; look for the detour signs.

There are other municipal lots located throughout the downtown core. For more information on areas to park please refer to the city of Brantford's municipal parking lot page.

It's locked!  How do I get in?

Ring the bell.  There are doorbells at both of the outside entrances, and this will let us know to come out and let you in.

Freeplay Friday Information

Freeplay Fridays are events where we invite the community to come and play games with the students and staff of the Brantford Games Network.  Different Fridays will feature different types of games.  There may be special talks or workshops as well.  While there, look around for people with a white lab coat if you have questions.

These events are held at the BGNlab, which is on the ground floor of Grand River Hall.  The easiest parking is at the Parkcade in downtown Brantford on iComm drive by the OLG Casino.  To get to the BGNlab, go to the 4th floor of the Parkcade and cross the pedestrian bridge to downtown.  Look to the left as you cross for the room with board games in the window, and that's the BGNlab.  You may need to come inside Grand River Hall to enter the lab.

Please note the following policies:


  • Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for these events. 
  • You will be asked to sign in when you come to the event.
  • Attendees are liable for games they are playing.
  • Covered drinks are allowed in the BGNlab, but food should be eaten in the outside BGNlounge.  
  • WLU reserves the right to ask attendees to leave for rude or unruly behavior.  Play nice!


To learn more about Freeplay Fridays and other events at the BGNlab, 

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