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Speaking and Consulting

I give presentations around the world on topics of gaming, online education, and libraries.   I can do workshops or presentations about


  • Meaningful Gamification
  • Tabletop game design
  • Online education
  • Gaming in libraries
  • Games for training or teaching
  • Board games
  • Podcasting and online video creation


You can get a good idea of my speaking style through my video content at .  I have a casual and enthusiastic style, and can intregrate participatory games into the presentations.


I am also available as a consultant on how you could integrate game concepts into your organization.  I focus on meaningful gamification, meaning I look at how to engage participants with play and game experiences.  I do not bring in scoring systems, levels, and non-meaningful achievements.

In addition, I am a non-digital game designer, so if you are looking for an in-person training game or other game-based activity, I am available for that.

I also seek to partner with other institutions on grant proposals for research-based game design and application.


My CV is at