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3D: Dimensional Design Dilemma 

This set of games was developed in partnership with THEMUSEUM and Inksmith with support from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council to help youths learn the fundementals of 3D modelling and procedures for 3D printing. The games can be used individually or as a collection in a Breakout Box type experience. All aspects of the game were designed in TinkerCad and 3D printed. 

If you are working in formal or informal educational institutions and looking for resources to help teach 3D modelling and printing workshops, you might want to check out these games and makes some of your own. 

Instructions for the games can be found here

Gameplay sheets for players are here

3D models are here

Instructions for print are here

An overview video is here.

We hope you enjoy! 


Brant Builder: Community Voices 

The BGNlab partnered with the Criminology department and the Brant Community Foundation to create a game responding to the results of a citizen satisfaction survey they conducted. In this game the player is on a city committee and receive proposals for projects to invest in from local citizens. These proposals reflect what residents of Brant county think is important and as they play, the player learners about what it valued in their community. 

You can play or download the game for Android devices here


6 Degrees & Casual Critters

In the summer of 2017 twelve students from universities across Ontario came to the BGNlab to work on a project with the Ontario Ministry which addressed issues of climate change. We made two games, one with a narrative and the other more casual, in order to test which format might be most impactful. The games teach players small things that they can do in their everyday lives to reduce their carbon foot print. 


Play te narativer version Degrees here

You can play the casual version of the game Casual Critters here.