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Red Bull Mind Gamers Design Blog 2: About the Red Bull Mind Gamers project

Here is entry #2 in our video blog - this one is all about the Red Bull Mind Gamers project and the Escape Room World Championships.



You can keep up with these videos directly by subscribing to the BGNlab YouTube channel at


Red Bull Mind Gamers Design Blog 1: History of Escape Rooms 

Here is the first of six videos to give you a behind-the-scenes look of the design process for the Red Bull Mind Games Escape Room World Championships.  You can see more of Dr. Nicholson's work on Escape Rooms at the Publications link above.  


Red Bull Mind Gamers Escape Room Design Blog coming from the BGNlab

Over the next month, there will be a series of videos released that explore some of what went on as we designed the escape room for the upcoming Red Bull Mind Gamers Escape Room World Championships.  The escape rooms were designed by Scott Nicholson, professor at WLU Brantford and director of the BGNlab, and Game Design & Development students Robert Durant, Sean Harrison, and Chris Tenuta. 

 Here's a teaser video released by Red Bull about the event.

 Watch this blog for all of the videos for a behind-the-scenes look at our process!


Escape Room Unconference 2017

The Escape Room Unconference 2017 is underway!


There is a shared Google document with notes from the day, which you can find at




Learn traditional Asian games

The Laurier International and the History Student's Association is putting on a day to learn a variety of traditional Asian games in RCW on February 1st as part of the Lunar New Year.