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Free Play Friday on July 21

Come for a day of games!

We are having a Free Play Friday event at the BGNlab on Friday, July 21.  We'll be opening the doors from 1-7pm for people to come in and play games!     Please note - those 16 and under need to be accompanied by an adult.

Also, this is a time for those of you making games over the summer to bring your prototypes to have other people test them, so come with a playtesting mindset!

For directions and more information, visit




SNAP model for immersive escape room design

At Up the Game, an escape room conference at the Netherlands, I ran a game jam for escape room design where we created escape game concepts for a museum.   To help the jammers, I created a new model for immersive escape room design that I'm calling SNAP (Setting, Narrative, Activities, Puzzles).

I'm working on a proper scholarly article where I'm developing the model fully, but I wanted to share the PDF handout that I created for the workshop, which gets to the heart of the model.


Game of the Year Fair on April 4, 4-6pm

Want to see the best student-created games from the year? 

Join us for our annual Game of the Year Fair!   This will be on April 4th from 4-6pm at the BGNlab.  It will be a chance to try out some of the best games to change the world that our students have created.  All are welcome!

Other upcoming events include:
Free Play Friday:   3-6pm March 31
GameTalk, where you’ll hear from students who did design work last summer for organizations: 7-9pm, April 6.



BGNlab Watch Party for the Red Bull Escape Room World Championships

On Saturday, March 25 from 2-5pm, there will be a Watch Party hosted by the GDDA student organization for the live Red Bull Escape Room World Championships.  

The students who helped design the rooms for the semifinals and finals will be there, offering a behind-the-scenes commentary of what went on, while Dr. Nicholson will be in Budapest on the show as an expert commentator.   

This event is open to the public.  For more information, contact Robert Durant at

If you'd like to watch it at home, you can see the show at 3PM EDT on Saturday online at RedBull.TV 


If you want to learn a bit about the design process, we did a 6 episode design vlog which you can also watch here:




Last Day (March 16) to sign up for the Climate Change Game Jam!

If you've been putting it off until the last day...  we're there!  Our Climate Change Game Jam is March 18-19, sponsored by the Government of Ontario, where we will make games to save the climate!

At this point, we have about 60 students from 12 different colleges and universities signed up -  if you are a student at an Ontario college or university who wants to make games in Brantford, you can learn more and sign up at

We also have 13 remote sites from 7 different countries - you can learn more and join us remotely at


A few remote sites are seeking local jammers:

Denver, Colorado, USA - University of Denver - Hosted by DU Game Developer Society - Contact

Pawleys Island, SC, USA - Waccamaw Neck Branch Library - Ages 12+ - Contact

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada - Neil Notes - Looking to work with others - Contact


If you are interested in signing up, today, March 16 is the last day to do so, so that we can get everything out in time!