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Introduction to Meaningful Gamification

I've been working on a theoretical base for meaningful gamification, and have created this video as a brief introduction and a way to seek out input on the basic ideas.  The next step for me is writing a book with case studies.  This video explains gamification, the problems with the way it is currently implementation, and introduces the concept of meaningful gamification.

At center of meaningful gamification is the needs of user (as compared to the needs of the company).  The goal is to help the user find connections between their own interests and a non-game activity.  The company will then benefit from these connections. I'm basing my definition off of Deterding et als 2011 definition of gamification.  Meaningful gamification is the use of game design elements to help users find meaning in non-game contexts.


Deterding, S., Dixon, D., Khaled, R., & Nacke, L. (2011). From game design elements to gamefulness: Defining "Gamification". Proceedings from MindTrek '11. Tampere, Finland: ACM.


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