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MIT Sabbatical Blog for 3/30

Here's what's up with my various projects:



Completing the Experience: Debriefing in Experiential Educational Games

I recently presented a paper at ICSIT 2012 - The 3rd International Conferenece on Society and Information Technologies called "Completing the Experience: Debriefing in Experiential Educational Games".

I talk about the concern in creating experiential learning games designed to be used in informal learning.  One of John Dewey's theories about learning is that education is the combination of experience and reflection upon that experience.

If a game provides only the experience without the reflection, then it isn't as effective in providing education.  In a classroom, the teacher can provide that reflection process for students.  Outside of the classroom, if the game does not facilitate the reflection or debriefing, then the opportunity to learn is lost.

In this paper, I present the theories behind this idea, discuss several models for debriefing, and then talk through a number of ways that game designers could incorporate debriefing activities into their educational games.

You can see the preprint of this paper at


Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and Kim Possible ARGs

As my sabbatical blog for March 23, I spend some time talking about the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game at Disney World and the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure at Epcot.



MIT Sabbatical Blog for 3/16

Scott starts his St. Patrick's Day celebration a little early!


You can find Scott Nicholson's publications at


Blog for 3/9 and Game Developers Conference

I was at the Game Developers Conference.  Here is the video I made on the last day of my trip:

If you'd like to see more of my time at the event, I made several other videos from a board gamer's perspective: