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January Game Talk

On Thursday, January 17 at 7pm, we will be hosting Stefan Alexander from North (previously Thalmic Labs) at the BGNlab.

North has developed virtual reality glasses called Focus that look like normal glasses, but display content on the screen for the user that others can't see.

This is a talk open to the public.

For directions to the BGNlab, visit 


December events at the BGNlab

We’ve got two events later this week at the BGNlab where you can join us.


Thursday, Dec. 6th will be our last Gametalk.  Matt Philips, a game designer from the UK, will be joining us via Skype at 7pm.

Friday, Dec. 7th, will be our Free Play Friday event from 4-7pm where you can playtest games and play published tabletop games.


Both events are open to the public, and minors can attend with their parents/guardians.   Directions to the BGNlab and more information can be found here:

Scott Nicholson


Reminder - Free Play Friday, 4-7pm


This is just a reminder email that we are continuing to do our Free Play Friday events every Friday from 4-7pm in the BGNlab from now until mid-December. 

This is a time where you can come and try some tabletop games, both already published and new games that our students are working on.


There is more information about the event at the bottom of the page here:



GameTALK on Thursday, Oct. 4 about the history of Monopoly

Interested to learn the true stories about how Monopoly came to be?  It’s not what you expect.

We are partnered with the WLU libraries to bring you this month's GameTALK by Mary Pilon, who wrote the book “The Monopolists: Obsession, Fury, and Scandal Behind the World’s Favorite Board Game.”

She will share some of the stories from the book, and you’ll be surprised to learn some of the tales of how Monopoly came to be.

This event is open to the public, and will be Thursday, Oct. 4th, starting at 7pm in the BGNlab.  Information about visiting the lab is here:

And then, the next day, from 4-7pm is our weekly Free Play Friday event, where you can come and join us for some games.   More information about that event can also be found here:



Game Talk - Thursday, Sept. 13 at 7pm

It’s a new academic year, and with that, brings our first GameTalk speaker.   Organized by the Michelle Goodridge from the WLU Libraries, the Game Talk speaker series is a chance to hear from someone in the gaming industry.  The talks are open to the public.

Tonight, the speaker is Jeff Lai, who is a board game designer with many published titles.  He is the lead designer at KEJI, a toy and game studio.  You can see more about Jeff on his BoardGameGeek page:

Jeff will be speaking at 7pm on Thursday, September 13 at the BGNlab.  Directions to the lab are here:

 Questions about the event can be directed to Michelle at



Our other speakers for the semester are the first Thursday of every month:
Oct 4 – Mary Pilon, author of The Monopolist
Nov 1 – Tabby Rose, Cofounder/President of Axon Interactive
Dec 6 – Matthew Phillips, Digital Game Designer