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Strategies for Meaningful Gamification: Concepts behind Transformative Play and Participatory Museums 


At the Meaningful Play 2012 conference on Oct. 18th, I presented my newest paper on meaningful gamification.  The goal of this paper is to focus on different ways to create meaningful gamification by looking at play theory and theories behind participatory museums.  It is more of a theoretical paper, so it can be seen as a follow-up to my previous theoretical work about meaningful gamification.


Nicholson, S. (2012, October). Strategies for meaningful gamification: Concepts behind transformative play and participatory museums. Presented at Meaningful Play 2012. Lansing, Michigan. Available online at




Update for 10/13

Video about Gamification in Libraries:

Video about my adventure game:


Video of Library 2.012 conference presentation on gamification in libraries

As part of the online Library 2.012 conference, I gave a talk about gamification in libraries and the risks of reward-based programs.


You can now watch this video at 



Video Blog for Sept. 28, 2012

This is the first of a regular video blog that I'll be doing about what is going on at the Because Play Matters game lab.



NASAGA conference early bird reg. ending 

My favorite conference of the year is NASAGA.  It's a conference focused on games for training and learning.  The underlying concept of the conference is experiential learning, and it's a conference that practices what it preaches.  During most sessions, you play a game that someone facilitates from their own domain.  You then debrief the game to think about how you can apply it to your own domain.   Most games are non-digital and have you playing with your feet instead of your fingers.   I'll be running a pre-conference on how to take your passion for gaming and turn it into something you can use in an organization.

Here's a news blurb they just sent out:


Join us for our 50th anniversary conference on Nov. 7-10 in Columus Ohio, Early bird registration ends on Monday October 1, 2012. Register today and save with the special price.

This will be a very special conference that celebrates 50 years of simulations and games for learning. 24 breakout sessions, three keynotes, two game night activities, and one amazing kickoff experience. Check out the details on our updated conference schedule.

Attendees will also the the first to receive a copy of our first ever book, The NASAGA Training Activity Handbook. It contains, 28 complete activity designs contributed by trainers in Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Philippines, Scotland, Spain, Taiwan, The Netherlands, and the U.S. Including five NASAGA Ifill-Raynolds Lifetime Award recipients. Each activity includes two variations and all handouts are available online through the Pfeiffer Website. Several of the contributors will be presenting at the conference and special session that that explores the book. You can get your book autographed!

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