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MIT Sabbatical Blog for 2/24

This week, Scott takes up a new exercise challenges and starts to explore Poker in the Library!


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MIT Blog for 1/28 - Festival of Learning

For this week's video, I'm at the Festival of Learning at the Media Lab at MIT.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something new for this - Face painting.

What was neat about this event was the real sense of play that was going on with the rest of the activities.  People just let their kid side out and shared that joy with others.  This was put on by the students, and it was a good example of the power of creating a playful space.  I found I got to use my face painting as a way to get to meet people and talk about research ideas while we had some time together.

The underlying concept was the students and faculty ran short sessions on things they were passionate about.  There were sessions on brewing, singing, and poker along with sessions on research methods, bicycle repair, and Japanese rock.  I really like the informal learning and networking environment it has created.

Here is the official video from the first day of the event:…