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Next Game Designers' Guild meeting - Sept. 27

On September 27th, we will have our next Game Designers' Guild meeting.


We will be trying out a new location this month - the Success in Learning tutoring center in Shoppingtown Mall.  (it's on the 2nd floor, across from Lenscrafters).

 The topic this month will be Game Jams.

The time is the same - 5:30pm for the informal game, then 6-7 for the formal program, and 7 onward for bring-your-own games.

Note:  If you have a digital game to test, please bring a laptop that everyone can gather around or a screen, as there aren't going to be screens at this location.


Questions?  You can reach Scott Nicholson at



Dinosaurs Invade Liverpool!


The Liverpool Public Library in Liverpool, NY, came to the Game Designers' Guild to ask for help in running an event.  We worked with them to craft an adventure that would transform kids into dinosaurs and go back in time!

The kids first were able to do some research on dinosaurs and decide what they wanted to be.  We then painted their face with the features they wanted and they could make a custom tail.

After this, they were sent out through a Time Tunnel and then were back in the time of the dinosaurs.

They were able to work through a series of challenges - finding eggs, making trees, helping paper "pteradactyls" fly, and working together to cross the chocolate swamp.

There are more pictures from the day at

We're looking forward to another event!

I've uploaded the original script for the game at

The game as run was different from this scrip


Next GDG meeting - August 23

The next meeting of the Game Designers' Guild meeting is August 23, in Hinds 011.

This group is open to the public, and this would be a good meeting to attend to learn more about the group.


At 5:30, we'll have Johann Sebastian Joust runnning, which is a physical video game without a screen.

At 6pm, we'll talk about the Game Designers' Guild and the projects we've done over the last year.

After that, we will open up the meeting to people who have games they want to playtest.   If you have an analog or digital game you'd like to have people test, bring it along. 

If you have games you like to play, bring those along, as well!  


July GDG meeting moved to July 26

We will be having the July Game Designers' Guild meeting on July 26 in Hinds Hall, room 011 (Innovation Studio).   As always, we will have a casual game from 5:30-6, then a formal program from 6-7, and open play from 7-9.




Summer Game Designers' Guild Meetings

We aren't stopping just because it's summer!   There are games to be made, and we're going to make them!


Our summer meetings will be:


Friday, May 24, 5:30-9, Hinds Hall 011

Wednesday, June 26, 5:30-9, Hinds Hall 347    (note - NOT Friday, NOT ground floor)

--Postponing the July 19th meeting--  Stay tuned for replacement.

Friday, August 23, Hinds Hall 011


Come out and join us!