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Article on Recreational Gaming in Libraries

For the Illinois Library Association reporter, I wrote a short piece on recreational gaming in libraries.  You can read it here:



Recent conference talks online & ALA

Two of my recent conference talks are now available online.

My presentation about my theoretical framework for meaningful gamification, presented at Games + Learning + Society 8.0, is available at

My presentation from the Games for Change Festival on opportunities for game developers to get involved in libraries is available at


If you are going to the American Library Association annual conference, you can find me at three events:

Time TitleTypeLocation

FRIDAY, JUNE 22 - 7:00PM

7:30pm - 10:00pm   
ALAplay Social event Anaheim Marriott
Marquis Northeast


8:00am - 10:00am 
Grown Ups Just Want to Have Fun! Library Play Programming for College Students of All Ages Program Anaheim Convention Center


10:30am - 12:00pm 
Games and Gaming Forum (GameRT): Interactive Fiction Forum/Update,Program Anaheim Convention Center

A User-Centered Theoretical Framework for Meaningful Gamification

I recently gave a talk at the Games + Learning + Society 8.0 conference on the theories behind my concept of meaningful gamification.

The conference has made the session available, so you can watch it online.


You can download the full paper, called "A User-Centered Theoretical Framework for Meaningful Gamification" at


Final MIT Sabbatical video

Here's my final video from my MIT sabbatical.


By the way, this blog will continue as I continue work.  It will be more text and links to things I put together than it has been.




Upcoming Seminars on How to Take your Passion for Gaming to Work

One of the comments that I hear frequently is that people say that I am lucky in order to play games at work.

 Anyone with a passion for games can find ways to bring that passion into their workplace or to work as a consultant to help other organizations use games.

I am working with Greg Koeser to do two upcoming seminars on this topic.  Both Greg and I have found various ways to use our knowledge and passion of gaming in the workplace, and we want to empower you to do the same.  Here's a short video I made talking about these seminars:

More details: 

The first seminar is at the Origins Game Fair, in Columbus, Ohio, on May 31st from 10AM-Noon in room C213.  The cost for the event is $2 on top of your Origins registration.   This seminar will be an overview of the topic, with time for questions and brainstorming about your situation.  More information about Origins can be found at


The second seminar is more in-depth, as part of the NASAGA conference (North American Simulation and Gaming Assocations).  This is one of my favorite conferences, as it focuses on how to use games in training and teaching.  You explore this through experiential learning, where you try out a variety of learning experiences and then reflect on how you can take those ideas back home.  This conference has influenced my work significantly since I started attending.  

This year's conference is also in Columbus, Ohio, from Nov. 7-10. We will be doing a pre-conference workshop on November 7th, 2012 targeted toward hobby gamers who would like to learn how to take their gaming knowledge and use it in their own workplace or as a consultant.   This will be a much more in-depth workshop with considerable hands-on experiences.   More information about this conference is at