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Next Game Designers' Guild meeting - November 8

The next meeting of the Game Designers' Guild is November 8th, and will be in Hinds Hall, room 347 (note different room).


5:30-6pm  Playthrough of The Stanley Parable

6pm - 7pm  Formal Meeting, Discussion of the process of getting a game to market with Scott's new game, Going, Going, GONE! as an example

7pm - done Playtesting of games and playing games.  Bring your own games to play or find playtesters for! 


The meeting is open to the public.


Questions?  Contact Scott Nicholson at



Seeking volunteers for Nov. 10 event

On Sunday, November 10th, I'm putting on an event at the Everson museum of art - a living exhibit about Modern Board Games.  The museum is open from 12-5, so I'm seeking people who would be available from 11:30-5 on Nov. 10th.

I'm seeking volunteers to help with the event.  
What you would do is man a table to facilitate one or two games.  These will all be short, simple games that museum attendees would be able to try out.  If you have some gateway games you enjoy, we can talk about what you might want to facilitate.   These will all be easy-to-learn games, so you don't need to be a board game expert to volunteer..just enthusiastic and willing to teach and facilitate games for others.
If we have enough volunteers, I'll put together a shift system so you'll have time to circulate and play games as well.
If you are willing to be a part of this, please send me an e-mail at .

Information about Going, Going, GONE! and next GDG meeting

Scott Nicholson has a new board game coming out in mid-October at the Essen game fair in Germany.  He put together a special episode of Board Games with Scott all about the game.

During the November 8th meeting of the Game Designers' Guild in Hinds Hall 011, Scott will go through the process of creating the game and getting it published.



Upcoming Events

We have three events that are currently in the planning stages.

In late October, we will be running the StanJam - a Game Jam at Fort Stanwix national park in Rome.  Students will be making games in and around the Fort that explore some of the different issues during the time of the revolutionary war.

In November, we will be doing two events with the Everson Museum of Art in Syraucse alongside their Art of Video Games exhibit.  The first will be a family Game Jam, where families will come and make games together.   The second will be a living exhibit of Modern Board Games, where visitors will be able to sit down and experience some of what has happened in the last 10 years in board game design.  

I'll post more details here as they are available!


Next Game Designers' Guild meeting - Sept. 27

On September 27th, we will have our next Game Designers' Guild meeting.


We will be trying out a new location this month - the Success in Learning tutoring center in Shoppingtown Mall.  (it's on the 2nd floor, across from Lenscrafters).

 The topic this month will be Game Jams.

The time is the same - 5:30pm for the informal game, then 6-7 for the formal program, and 7 onward for bring-your-own games.

Note:  If you have a digital game to test, please bring a laptop that everyone can gather around or a screen, as there aren't going to be screens at this location.


Questions?  You can reach Scott Nicholson at