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Decolonization Game Jam March 9

Open to the Public.  Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Seats are limited.  Register at


The act of appropriating a people, place, and/or domain for one's own use is a common theme in games. So-called 3x and 4x games—built around the pillars of exploration, expansion, exploitation, and extermination—encourage players to grow beyond their means, displace or dominate others for their own benefit, and even view nature and Indigenous peoples as a resource to be used or a nuisance to be exterminated.

This colonial mentality is also part of the history of this nation. Policies and laws such as the Indian Act encouraged similar kinds of behaviours we see in 3x/4x games as settlers engaged in exploration & expansion of what we have come to call Canada, displacing and/or claiming dominion over others; such acts were accompanied by the exploitation and extermination of Indigenous peoples, cultures, and land.

But while history cannot be rewritten, rules can be. Join us for the day (March 9th 9am-4:30pm*) as we explore efforts to decolonize Canada. Attendees will learn about the history of colonialism and decolonization from Jaydene Lavallie (Volunteer & Community Engagement Director, LSPIRG). This will be followed by deconstructing and reconstructing 3x/4x games such as Settlers of Catan and Small World, rewriting their rules to decolonize the games and in so doing encourage equitable, sustainable, and respectful behaviours towards other players, peoples, and lands.

* Lunch will be provided

When: March 9th, 9am - 4:30pm

Where: BGNLab (Grand River Hall, Room 201)

What: Decolonization game jam; lunch provided.

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