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Join us Remotely for the Climate Change Game Jam

Are you interested in helping to change the world through games?  The Brantford Games Network lab (BGNlab) at Wilfrid Laurier University is hosting a Climate Change Game Jam on March 18 and 19 with funding from the Government of Ontario and we are calling out for sites around the world to join in and create games at the same time!  During a Game Jam, participants work together to come up with games in a short period of time, and in this case, the goal is to develop ideas for games that will help people lower their carbon footprint.  It's a chance for you to think about how to use games and play to make a difference and a way to share those ideas with those building these games!

You can host a remote site and join in from your school, library, game store, or even your home!  A site could be a class, a group of friends, a game lab, a family, or just you!

We will be livestreaming our initial briefing at 9AM EST on Saturday, March 18.  We will also record it, so if you can't join us live, you will have it available.  We will also be sending out other briefing materials prepared by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.  Then you'll be off to make games that can change the world!  These can be digital, analog, or live action games.   Over two days, we welcome to brainstorm, come up with storyboards and design documents, or even create games, and put whatever you whatever you come up into the creative commons and upload it. 

On Sunday, March 19th, we will be asking sites to submit a form with some information about what went on.  We will also ask sites to have their jammers upload their ideas and prototypes to and place them into the Creative Commons, so anyone can benefit from the ideas.   The links needed for the livestream, content, and submission location will be provided to those sites that sign up. We will then be looking at the ideas, and developing two games out of the ideas and prototypes submitted over the summer of 2017.

So, grab some friends or classmates, sign up as a site, and plan on making games to change the world on March 18-19!

To sign up as a site, visit


Note - If you are a college or university student near Brantford, Ontario, we invite you to join our home site at WLU, where we will be interviewing for 12 summer jobs at the BGNlab to develop the games.  Learn more about the local Brantford site at


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