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Freeplay Fridays from 3-6pm

We are trying a new regular event - every Friday through October and November, we will have Freeplay 


There are directions for getting to the lab at


While families are welcome, we do ask that a guardian stay with anyone who is underage.


Freeplay Friday Information

Freeplay Fridays are events where we invite the community to come and play games with the students and staff of the Brantford Games Network.  Different Fridays will feature different types of games.  There may be special talks or workshops as well.  While there, look around for people with a white lab coat if you have questions.

These events are held at the BGNlab, which is on the ground floor of Grand River Hall.  The easiest parking is at the Parkcade in downtown Brantford on iComm drive by the OLG Casino.  To get to the BGNlab, go to the 4th floor of the Parkcade and cross the pedestrian bridge to downtown.  Look to the left as you cross for the room with board games in the window, and that's the BGNlab.  You may need to come inside Grand River Hall to enter the lab.

Please note the following policies:

  • Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for these events. 
  • You will be asked to sign in when you come to the event.
  • Attendees are liable for games they are playing.
  • Covered drinks are allowed in the BGNlab, but food should be eaten in the outside BGNlounge.  
  • WLU reserves the right to ask attendees to leave for rude or unruly behavior.  Play nice!

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