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Joining in on the BreakoutEDU Game Jam

January 9-10 is the BreakoutEDU Game Jam where people will make puzzle games for classrooms in 2 days.

Want to join us?  There are several ways!

If you are in Brantford, learn more about the Brantford site and sign up for the Brantford jam here.  Please note - while families are welcome to come, we will ask that those that are underage work on a team with responsible family members.

There are several sites around the world open to others. If you want to join, contact the people below:

Liberty North High school  - Liberty/St. Lawrence, Missouri, North America -
ARientation Japan - Kyoto, Japan -
Escape Quest - Nampa, Idaho, North America -
Maker Space - Leeds, West Yorkshire, England -
San Jose State University - San Jose, California - 
Guatemala - Commercial location (game store/escape room) -
The Crux Escape Room - Hamilton, Ontario - 

We also have private sites registered in Oregon, Michigan, New Jersey, and France!

If you want to host your own site, which can just be you at home, sign up to register as a site here so I can send you more videos and guides for the day!

We will be livestreaming our day on Twitch!

Support for this event is provided by the Laurier Brantford Grants Program, made possible by donations to Wilfrid Laurier University.


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