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BreakoutEDU game jam Jan 9-10

Time to make an escape game for classrooms!

We are hosting a BreakoutEDU game jam on January 9-10.   We will be hosting a local version of this in Brantford, but you can host your own site as well!  More information is at our Facebook group at




If you are thinking about hosting a site, here's a video I made with suggestions as to how to do so:

We will be providing guidance and videos on what you need to do.  


Are you going to host a site (which can just be you at your house)?  Learn how to host a site at and then Sign up here:



If you want to join us in-person at Brantford, learn more at and please sign up here:   

Please note - while families are welcome to come to Brantford, we will ask that those that are underage work on a team with responsible family members.

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